Facilities for the Socio-educational centre of Vînători-Neamţ

The socio-educational centre of Vînători-Neamţ represents a long term investment with a valuable importance as regards the social and educational aspects. The centre is a support for the children at risk and their parents and families, along with their teachers acting as educators and consultants.

Built at European standards, the socio-educational centre of Vînători-Neamţ is a new investment, totally built (the construction and its facilities and equipment’s) through the project “Socio-educational centres in Cumpăna Commune (Constanţa County), Vînători-Neamţ Commune (Neamţ County) and Prundeni Commune (Vâlcea County)”. The facilities of the socio-educational centre Vînători-Neamţ are:

  • functional and technical facilities – connection to the electrical public system, connection to the natural gas public system, connection to the water public system, connection to the sewage system, connection to the telecommunication system and public waste system;
  • specific facilities for the activities provided in the Centre.