Target group

In Cumpăna Commune a number of 83 children at risk were identified (whose parents are working abroad), from which 12 children of Roma people. The 83 children are the direct beneficiaries of the project “Socio-educational centres in Cumpăna Commune (Constanţa County), Vînători-Neamţ Commune (Neamţ County) and Prundeni Commune (Vâlcea County)” partially implemented in Cumpăna Commune.

The selection of the target group was in correlation with the project’s objectives and the type of the services offered by the centre. Thus, the project is addressed to children at risk, no matter of sex, religion, health, etc. However, due to the limited space of the centre, a selection will be made considering the next criteria:

  • one or both parents are working abroad and the child is suffering of family’s separation;
  • has the age between 6 and 14 years;
  • they have the residence or they are living in the project’s partners locations;
  • they are attending the school from 0 to VIII grade and they need additional help for school integration or they are in the situation of school abandonment;
  • they have particular skills, but they need help and support in continuing their education with good scholar results.

During the project implementation and after its finalization, the Association of Community Development Cumpăna, as project’s partner, will monitor and identify new risk situations of children whose parents are working abroad, trying to involve them in the centre’s activities.