Specific activities of the Socio-educational centre Cumpăna

  • Educational remediation in order to develop skills along with increasing performance at school;
  • Vocational counselling of the selected children;
  • Psycho-social counselling of the children’s parents or tutors;
  • Creative workshops organized in order to develop creativity and stimulate knowledge to keep the local traditions:
    • – Painting on wood workshop;
    • – Painting on glass workshop;
    • – Painting on ceramic workshop;
    • – Painting on canvas workshop;
    • – Decorated eggs workshop;
    • – Wickers and vegetable embellishments with plants workshop.
  • Exchanges of experience on the next areas of interest:
    • – Artistic and cultural creation;
    • – Sport activities;
    • – Mathematics and Romanian literature contests.

All the specific activities of the Socio-educational Centre Cumpăna were disposed between November 2015 and September 2016. 83 children from the target group have participated. The activities were coordinated by the implementation team and the instructors nominated for each area of interest.