Project objectives

The main objective of the project is subordinated to the main objective of the Programme RO 10 CORAI. The activities proposed by the 4 partners aim to improve the situation of 238 children at risk, from which 28 children of Roma people, whose parents are working abroad. The entire concept of the project is based on the purpose to reduce the economic and social differences which separates the children whose parents are working abroad from the rest of the society. Because this phenomenon could be fulfilled only with active implication of the parents or tutors, the service contractors and the local communities, the project will offer the proper instruments combined in an innovative formula. Thus, the contribution of the project in obtaining the results of the Programme RO 10 CORAI consists in the nature of its actions proposed which will ensure the premises of:

  • the launching of a new type of socio-educational activities at the level of the 4 project’s partners, dedicated to the children whose parents are working abroad (Cumpăna Commune – 83 children from which 12 children of Roma people; Vînători-Neamţ Commune – 105 children from which 11 of Roma people; Prundeni Commune – 50 children from which 5 children of Roma people);
  • the increase of awareness as regards the importance of educating children from families whose children are exposed to risk along with educating the local community (from the 3 partners – at least 238 parents/tutors of the children at risk will benefit of specific services, from which 35 of Roma people);
  • the proper training of professionals who will be implicated in the project activities (at the level of the 4 partners – 15 professionals from each location who will deliver services for children at risk from which 1 of Roma people)

The specific objectives of the project are:

(1) the establishment of 3 socio-educational centres in each partner’s location, 2 of them built through the project (Cumpăna Commune – Constanţa County and Vînători-Neamţ Commune – Neamţ County) and the one which is already built (Prundeni Commune-Vâlcea County) it will be deed to the project. The centres will offer integrated services for children at risk whose parents are working abroad;

(2) the improvement of the scholar frequency and the decrease of the scholar abandonment along with the increase of the scholar performances for the target groups;

(3) the development of professional skills for the employees implicated in delivering the social services through training sessions in order to increase its quality.