The project “Socio-educational centres in Cumpăna Commune (Constanţa County), Vînători-Neamţ Commune (Neamţ County) and Prundeni Commune (Vâlcea County)” is implemented through the Programme RO 10 CORAI financed by the EEA Grants 2009-2014 and administrated by the Romanian Social Development Fund. The implementation period of the project is 20 February 2015-31 January 2017.

The total eligible value of the project (with VAT) is 2.269.755,05 lei whereby EEA grant – 1.929.291,79 lei (85%) and public co-finance (the Romanian Social Development Fund – RSDF) – 340.463,26 lei (15%).

The project proposal resulted from a local need identified at the level of the 3 local administrations as regards the procedure in managing the children at risk whose parents are working abroad. The implementation of the project will offer a better choice for a number of 238 children (from which 28 children of Roma people whose parents are working abroad) as concern the school performances, the vocational advisory and the psycho-social advisory in order to decrease the feeling of abandonment.

The innovative character of the project is reflected by the synergy of the three measures proposed:

  1. the activation of a sustainable partnership between the local administration and an NGO’s and an adequate training for professionals who will work with the children at risk;
  2. the development of an integrated action plan containing new socio-educational methods in order to answer to the needs of the vulnerable groups through specific measures, along with actively implicate the parents/the tutors, the services contractors, the local community members;
  3. to sustain the proper logistics by setting up and endowing 3 socio-educational centres (from which two centres will be built through the project and the one which is already built, it will be deed to the project) in the rural area from 3 national counties (Cumpăna Commune-Constanţa County, Vînători-Neamţ Commune-Neamţ County and Prundeni Commune-Vâlcea County)

Thus, by correlating the initiatives of the 3 local administrations and an NGO’s with relevant experience as regards children at risk (The Association of Community Development Cumpăna) through the project “Socio-educational centres in Cumpăna Commune (Constanţa County), Vînători-Neamţ Commune (Neamţ County) and Prundeni Commune (Vâlcea County)” it will be implemented 5 measures dedicated to children at risk and 1 measure dedicated to professionals from social services at local level:

  • Educational remediation in order to develop skills along with increasing their performance at school;
  • Vocational counselling of the selected children;
  • Psycho-social counselling of the children’s parents or tutors;
  • Creative workshops (painting on wood, painting on glass, painting on ceramic, painting on eggs, wickers and vegetable embellishments with dried plants) in order to develop creativity and stimulate knowledge to keep the local traditions;
  • Exchange of experiences viewed as a motivational component. Mobility actions will take place between the project’s partners locations in order to participate to thematic events such as: artistic and cultural exhibitions, contests, sport competitions and different scholar contests;
  • Training sessions for the people implicated in the activities addressed to children.